Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Time to Submit it...

In January of this year I accepted the position Community Youth Coordinator at Groesbeck United Methodist Church (soon to be changing to Student Ministries Pastor). This role includes directing and implementing an after school program for High School age students from Colerain HS and the surrounding area. With this comes funding and with this funding comes grant writing.

I am currently submitting a grant for Congregational Revitalization to the West Ohio Conference of United Methodist. It is an exciting opportunity that begin in February when I had the opportunity to travel to the conference offices in Columbus and sit through a seminar explaining just exactly what it meant to write a grant. After just over a month of editing, writing, and collecting it has come time to submit and in just two short days I will be submitting the grant for evaluation and approval at the West Ohio Conference. It is exciting, but also nerve-racking realizing that some of what we do here at CHAOS//Student Ministries could be dictated by the verdict that is returned after the submission of this grant. What I have come to realize is that not only is this a nerve racking opportunity, but it is also an opportunity to trust the living God who all in all is in control of all of our lives and the decisions that occur.

It got me thinking, in what other areas of my life is it important to submit and trust the Lord. I begin to think about my own personal finances and the well being of my family, the car troubles we find ourselves in as well as the continuing growth that comes with being an adult and I realize all of it. All of it must be submitted to the Lord, for in the midst of everything that seems to be so nerveracking and intimidating he finds a way to provide and not only provide for us, but be glorified in the process. When we think about life through that lens it makes it so much simpler. Asking the question how are my actions glorifying the Lord today and I am fully submitting and trusting the will of God to lead me through my life?

till another day,


An Obsession...

It is that time of year, time to update you all on our latest addictions to DVDs and now introducting Netflix/Apple TV. For christmas my wonderful Father in Law gave us an Apple TV, which for those of you who do not know is a little black box that streams anything and everything entertainment to your HDTV. Thus our DVD viewing has drastically changed with the introduction of netflix streaming wirelessly to our brand new 47" Vizio HDTV (thanks again Duane). Now that are viewing format has drastically gotten better I will go on to tell you the great shows we have become interested in over the past 6 months since the new year began.

Top Shows on DVD
1. One Tree Hill (Season 1-9)
2. The OC (Season 1 - 4)
3. The Office (Season 1 - 7)
4. Friends (Currently watching Season 6)
5. Full House (Season 1 - 8)

Top Shows on Netflix
1. Parks and Recreation (Season 1 - 3)
2. One Tree Hill (Yes on DVD & Netflix)
3. CNBC Documentaries (Alec is a Nerd)
4. Psych (Currently watching Season 3)
5. Saved by the Bell (season 1 - 5)

Tops Shows on Cable
1. Bachelor/Bachelorette Series (Jenny :)
2. How I Met Your Mother (Season 7)
3. The Office (Season 8)
4. The Voice (Season 2)
5. American Ninja Warrior (Alec is Lame)

Top Shows Coming Soon to DVD/on our Wish List
1. The Office (Season 8)
2. How I Met Your Mother (Season 7)
3. Parks & Recreation (Season 4)
4. Friends (Season 6 - 10)
5. Boy Meets World (Season 2 - 7)

As you can see my love of DVDs and specifically television shows has rubbed on my beautiful wife Jennifer. We each have our favorites and are excited for what is to come. But if anything we can share together in our love of laughing, crying, and getting attached to a great TV sitcom. Thank you to all those actors we love so much and for making it so easy to share together in this obsession with Television.

till another day,


Monday, May 21, 2012

Birthday wishes...

This week is a special week in my life.  If you guessed it is my birthday... you were wrong, this weekend is the birthday of my beautiful wife Jennifer.   It is a special week for us because at the end of it is her first birthday since being married.  I have many things planned for this week to show her home special she truly is and how wonderful I have cherished these last couple of years together.

What is so amazing is this is my third birthday with her and each one I have fallen more and more in love with her.  It is times like these that makes me look forward to her 82nd birthday and spending a wonderful week together leading up to her big day.

Lastly, I would love to thank God and also Duane Schroeder and Debbie Schroeder for giving birth to my beautiful bride and raising her to be the wonderful woman she is today.  Thank You.

till another day,


802 Main St...

As you know my beautiful wife and I have had the amazing opportunity of moving into a wonderful new city, the city of Cincinnati.  With this comes new places to see, eat, drink, listen, play, etc.  Therefore this blog is dedicated to those places.

Coffee Shops
     We live just south of Over the Rhine (one of the best districts to live in in Cincinnati) and there are some great coffee shops in this area.  There is always Starbuck's on fifth street, but what I find to be the best in the area is Coffee Emporium.  This is a staple in the area located on Central Parkway and it comes with a full roaster as well as breakfast bar on the weekends.  They always have great local coffee brewing, the best chocolate chip cookies I have ever had (a meal in itself), and not to mention outside seating that gives you the opportunity to sip on a cup and check out the great city.  Next is Iris Book Cafe, just a little bit further down Main St.  Tucked in between a great group of stores in OTR you will find some wonderful vegan food options as well as some great brewed iced teas and coffees.  

Dining Spots 
      We have begun the practice of a date night once a week where we are able to get out of the house and check out a new local place.  Our top spots so far have been Arnold's (the oldest bar in Cincinnati), Cincy by the Slice, and especially Graeter's Ice cream.  Each of these place's has there speciality and we continue to try new things each time we go, especially graeter's.  

These are just a couple of our favorite places in Cincinnati.  We are so excited to continue to try new things and venture out on journeys across the city.  Keep checking up and look at what is happening in our world.  

till another day,