Saturday, July 16, 2011

Pain ...

So there I was excited about the final softball game of the year and it hits me, running to first base, over stepping the bag and falling slamming my head, back, and left arm on the ground.  Thinking i was okay just lying there for awhile, realized the rest of the night that my arm was hurt pretty bad.  Playing through the rest of the game, the pain intensified.  Got home and I realized that it is worse.  My beautiful fiance and I went to the St. Francis Hospital in Southport, IN.  After a couple hours of testing, x-rays, and waiting we received the verdict that it was no fractures, but severe bruising and swelling of the tissue in my elbow.  After a day of rest and pain, I realized that the pain is still pretty bad.

So what this means is nothing, but what I have realized is the unconditional love that comes from it.  My fiance Jenny spent the night at the hospital with me as well as got me donuts from Long's Bakery this morning, iced my elbow, and watched golf with me as I was still in pain.  Now this is not just about someone doing nice things for me, but the unconditional love that comes from this.  Jenny loves me so much that she would not have thought any different about it.  He first instinct was to help me and it was so because she loves me.

This love she has for me is not just for the feelings that may come from it, but her love for me is about sacrifice and action.  In order for me to really understand her love I have to see it through her actions.  And she proves it to me everyday that she is truly in love with me.  My fiance is the most wonderful and sacrificial human being in the world.

This love makes the waiting 7 months to get married harder than ever.  Everyday I get more and more excited to be with her.  She is the one and I am awaiting the moment I can show her my unconditional love for her someday.  I am waiting...

Till another Day


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