Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Uprising headed to the DR...

I remember in High School and the opportunity that I had to go on my first missions trip with Oasis Student Ministries (at the time).  We ventured down with G.O. Ministries and I could not have imagined what was in store for us as we served a pastor in Hato Del Yaque, Dominican Republic.  The relationships I made and the bonds that continue to run deep are amazing, not to mention I was able to communicate a little bit with my knowledge of the Spanish language.  

Now, as a Student Ministries Pastor I have the honor of bringing along 4 students of my own & 2 adults on a trip with G.O. Ministries.  We will be headed to none other than Hato Del Yaque and staying at the church that my team from Oasis built.  Such a great thing to be a part of and I cannot imagine what God has in store for the students from the Uprising.  I know it is going to be a stressful, exciting, passionate, scary, and amazing week.  God is going to move in mighty ways and I am so excited to be apart of it.  

To keep updated make sure you follow my Facebook Page as well as the Uprising Facebook.  Also, GO Ministries will be keeping an update on the team's progress on their Team Tracker website.  (Team Tracker Site) .   We continually ask for your prayers as the week is going up very fast.  

till another day, 


Thank You...

I want to officially thank all those who call Twin Oaks Christian Church & the Uprising.  Below is my letter of Resignation as the Student Ministries Pastor here.  Thank you so much for all that you have done and all that God is continuing to do.

Dear Twin Oaks Family, 

Jenny and I are so honored to be able to call this place home and specifically have the opportunity to work with you as members on a regular basis.  I, Alec, have been so blessed to be lead by a great man in Randy Wheeler and could not be more excited about where the future of Twin Oaks, specifically the Uprising, is headed under his Christ-centered leadership.  
With all of that being said, Jenny and I must regretfully inform you that as of July 24th I have resigned as the Student Ministries Pastor here at Twin Oaks CC.  Jenny and I will be pursuing a job opportunity for her in the graphic design field in Indianapolis, IN effective immediately.  We have spent the last two weeks praying over this decision and although it hurts us so much to leave a church family that has been so loving and wonderful, we are 100% positive that this is what/where God is calling our family to next.  Jenny and I are still very much looking forward to spending a week with your students in the Dominican Republic as well as finishing the summer Uprising Events, but our final Sunday will be August 25th, 2013. 
It has been such a blessing to come under the leadership of an dynamic Pastor and staff.  We could not be more heart-broken to leave a church family that is truly doing the work that God has called them to.  I fully trust that God has already ordained the next Student Ministries Pastor for the position and I am so excited to see the powerful impact Pastor Randy and this entire church family is going to have on this community despite our departure.  
You all have been so loving toward us and we could not be more honored to have spent the time getting to know Randy, the Elders, and our entire team.  You all are such amazing men and women of God.  

God Bless, 

Alec M. Tod 

So Many Books...

If you know me at all, you know how much I love to read.  There is nothing like grabbing your favorite coffee and your favorite book (not to mention highlighter) and studying.  I have spent much of my summer doing just that as I have slowly finishing the books I have in my library in the hopes that in the next couple of years I will have all of my books read.  Here is a list of some recommended reading I would suggest if you are looking for something to get you through until the school year or to lead you into the great winter months.

1.  Altar Ego - Craig Groeschel

2.  Draw the Circle (40 Day Prayer Challenge) - Mark Batterson

3.  Deep & Wide - Andy Stanley

4.  Everyday Church - Chester & Timms

5.  Love Like Jesus - Judah Smith

These are just a couple of some amazing books that I strongly suggest you grab a copy of.  Each of these men has inspired me in a way that I could not image always pointing the finger at God for their success and most of all drawing me closer to my creator.  That is what I am so blessed with, not the knowledge, but the relationship with my loving God that is a product of this.

till another day,



Every so often I like updated you on one of my favorite photo taking apps on the blessed iPhone 5.  There has especially been a lot going on over the last couple of months and here are just a couple of my favorite.  PS these have all been taken with my new iPhone 5 which I just got in the beginning of July.

CIY Move 2013 - Worshiping w/ 3000 HS Students 

CIY Move - Color Experience w/ the Uprising 

CIY Move - 3 of 5 Students we were able to Baptize 

Average Golf Score for the Year, Lots of time & hard-work to get under 80. 

All my favorite sports teams Vintage Style. 

There are just a couple of my favorites from the last couple of months.  If you would like to see more make sure you follow me on Instagram @normallyindie; I always embrace new followers.  Have a great (almost August) afternoon.

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So much to come...

Sadly summer is coming to a close and it is getting colder out.  Students will be headed back to school and vactions will be coming to an end.  But although all of that sounds sad, there is a lot to look forward too about the Fall most specifically in the music world.  If you follow my website over the past 2.5 years you know that I love my fair share of music.  My taste is quite broad (absolutely no Country) and it excites me when Tuesday roles around and new music hits the scene.  Therefore, I have compiled a list of music projects (in no particular order) I am counting down their release here in the fall months.  So grab your favorite journal and pen (mine is a moleskine & a Pilot G2 07) and jot these down.

1.  The Civil Wars - Civil Wars (Self-titled) [August 6th]

2.  Austin Livingood - The Weightless Anchor - By Plane (EP 1) [August 6th]

3.  Mike Mains & the Branches - Calm Down, Everything is Fine [TBA]

4.  Jack Johnson - From Here to Now to You [September 17th]

5.  John Mayer - Paradise Valley [August 20th]

Those are just a couple albums that I am really excited about and I hope you are too.  Make sure and check out all of the other albums from each of these artists and I am sure you will be pleased.  Happy Listening and enjoy the rest of your summer.

till another day,


Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Let Go & Let God...

I had the honor and privilege of taking 11 High School students & 5 adults to CIY Move in Holland, MI this past week.  For those of you who don't know, Move is a Nationwide HS week of worship that takes place at numerous locations throughout the summer months.  It has been going on for many years now and more specifically I have been going to CIY Move since the summer of 2005 (5 Times as a student, 3 times as a leader, missing 2011 & 2012).  This week of worship, intentional growth, and fellowship was one of the most formidable weeks of my teenage years, therefore I jumped at the possibility of leading a group of students from the Uprising.

After lack of interest forced us to lower our numbers, I was discouraged wonder whether it was even worth it for us to go on the trip all together.  But the second I stepped onto the campus, boy was I wrong.  God began working in my heart, our adults' hearts, and in the hearts of our students immediatly.  Little did we know that we would have the opportunity by the end of the week to baptize 5 students, 2 students rededicate their lives, and 6 students commit to full-time vocational ministry.  Here is just a glimpse of the week that changed the Uprising forever.

This was just a glimpse into the amazing week that our students and adults had at CIY Move.  I encourage you to check out The Uprising on Facebook or Instagram (@uprising_sm) as well as get in touch with some of the students that went on the trip.  Ask them about their experience and I am sure you will be encouraged.  

till another day,