Tuesday, September 18, 2012

That time of year...

It has just begun.  The first time of the year when the layering begins.  My favorite time of year is the fall.  The weather changes, the leaves fall, football is in full swing, and the temperature dips below 50.  The perfect time of your to throw on a sweatshirt, drink some great coffee (or hot apple cider), and enjoy the amazing season God has created for us.

My wife and I recently moved to Michigan in the Down River District of Detroit (or as I have named it the DWR).  We are just beginning to get used to the place, but nothing excites me more than the fall weather which is just beginning.  Just a couple of weeks ago I began to follow my favorite football teams (Florida Gators & Indianapolis Colts) and are so excited for the rest of the season to continue.  But besides football season being in high gear, there is much to love about the fall.

This is the first time of the year that we are not dripping with sweat while wearing our favorite pair of jeans.  It is just now getting acceptable to wear those awesome beanies that we all have been waiting months to wear (maybe that is just me), but most of all we get to hang out with friends outside around a bonfire or grill enjoying some of our favorite food and company.  What could be better than spending a fall evening grilling out, listening to music, and reminiscing with old friends.

Since we are new to the place, I have some goals for the fall season that I hope I can achieve before the dreadful cold of winter hits.  They are as follows (in no particular order):

Play 10 more rounds of golf (shoot below 80 again)
Play a couple games of pick up football
Watch my St. Louis Cardinals win the 2012 Fall Classic
Enjoy multiple bonfires with new friends
Train our awesome new puppy to go to the bathroom outside (not as easy as it looks)
Purchase and read Tony Larussa's new book
Road trip to Northern Michigan
Enjoy my 23rd Birthday (October 9th if you were wondering)
Begin brainstorming ideas for my first book
Watch a couple new shows on Netflix (the best thing for a TV/Movie buff)
Visit Canada for the first time
Discover some new music (that no one has ever heard of)
Go to an Apple Orchard and get some great caramel apples
Throw a Halloween Party in our new home
Begin the adventure of finding Detroit's best burger joint
Find a couple great local coffee shops (any suggestions)
Go on many a walks with my beautiful bride

These are just a couple of my many goals for the coming months as we settle into the great weather and watch as God, once again, performs one of his many miracles.  Such an exciting time of the year and I am so blessed to be spending it in one of the most beautiful states in America.  Wish me luck.

till another day,


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

All Things New...

As you may know, there are a lot of changes that have taken place recently in my wife and I's life.  We have moved to a new home (Southgate, MI), accepted a new job (Student Ministries Pastor @ Twin Oaks Christian Church), as well as a couple other things.

We have recently purchased a great new vehicle for Jennifer to drive and have gotten rid of the Olds.  It was a sad day when we saw the Olds drive away, but we were happy to have the new Pontiac Torrent in our grasp.  It is a 2WD SUV, with a Sunroof, all the great technology items inside, tons of room, not to mention pretty great gas mileage (for an SUV).

2007 Pontiac Torrent
We have also adopted a wonderful 10 week old mini dachshund puppy by the name of Indie.  He is a really great, cute, fun puppy, but man are they a lot of work.  Our lives have changed, which is tougher than we thought, but we are happy.

Indie at 6 weeks old
As well as the new additions to our family and our garage, I also designed my office with some great help from Jennifer Tod.  I am still working on the wall decor, but it is a work in progress. 

One of the Great Pictures found at Urban Outfitters

The view home the front door of the new Office @ Twin Oaks 
Lastly, Jenny and I just become official Michiganders by receiving our Michigan License Plates as well as our Michigan Licenses (temporaries for the next 10 business days).  

Temp Michigan License
We are really excited for the future and our lives here in Michigan.  We are still exploring and hoping for a wonderful time here.  God is so good and we are so happy to be here.  If you would like to come visit, get in touch.  We would love to see you.  

till another day, 


The New Guy...

My wife and I most recently decided to take a leap of faith and accept a position in a state we have never visited, moving further away from family, and did I mention doing all of this in 2 weeks.  Yes, my wife and had recently decided to accept a position at Twin Oaks Christian Church in Woodhaven, Michigan as their Student Ministries Pastor.

We did not know much about the church or about Michigan in general before visiting just a few weeks ago.  But as we had our first Sunday this past week as well as my 2nd week in the office, I could not be more pleased with the decision that God allowed us to make.  The church is filled with hundreds of great people that are truly seeking after God and his mission and vision for their lives as well as students that are fully engaged in their relationships with christ.  

Upon our meeting this past Sunday Night, I challenged the students with the idea that there are 10,000 students in the Down River District, many of which who do not have a church home.  Our students here at Twin Oaks Christian Church have begun to shift their focus away from themselves, but to the 10,000.  As the year continues, we will continue to focus on this number believing that our mission is not complete until all 10,000 people have heard the message of the love of Christ as well as have found a place to grow and fellowship with other believers.  

As far as Student Ministries goes, their will be a couple changes that take place very soon and I am very excited to unveil those changes on October 7th at our Fall Kickoff.  I am so ready to see what God has in store for me with these students here as well as what role my wife and I can play in the family of Twin Oaks Christian Church 

till another day, 


Goodbye OTR, Hello DWR...

Goodbye Cincinnati and our wonderful downtown apartment, what an amazing and adventurous 8 months it was living on 8th and Main St. in downtown Cincinnati, but we have traded in our city digs for a much nicer, quiet, hipster, 2 bedroom 2 bath apartment in Southgate, MI.

We have just recently moved into the beautiful state of Michigan, specifically south of Detroit in the Down River District.  It is a beautiful area filled with nature, wildlife, urban culture, and not to mention restaurants.  Although we very much loved the history and culture of Over the Rhine we are really excited to call the Down River District our new home.  

From what we have heard is that Detroit is one of the worst areas to live in America, but all we have found is fun loving, beautiful, great people that have a hospitality unlike any other city I have been a part of.  Not to mention, I hope that I pick of the accent that is so great up here in the north.  We have spent much of our time in Trenton, Wynadotte, Southgate, Taylor, & Woodhaven and we love the historical old homes as well as the convenience of having a Target, Walmart, Starbucks, CVS, & Redbox right near by.  

We most recently received our Michigan License plates as well as our official (temporary) Michigan Driver's Licenses (after a two hour adventure at the SOS office).  What we have been told now is all we have to get is a Red Wings jersey and a Michigan Maize and Blue hat and we will become true Michiganders.  

We are so excited to have moved a new home, with new adventures, people, and places.  Stay tuned for more updates about our favorite places to go in the DWR as well as Downtown Detroit.  

till another day, 


Our First Home...

It has been quite awhile since I have been able to blog, but I am going to promise you that will stop this week.  I will begin back on my weekly tradition this week.

From where I left off, my beautiful wife Jennifer and I had a pretty big decision to make.  Beginning of August we were approached by a Pastor in Michigan about the opportunity for a position in youth ministry.  From the very beginning of conversations with Randy Wheeler we were excited about the opportunity, but most of all saddened by the fact that it meant we would be leaving our home in Cincinnati.

I started my time at Groesbeck Church in January of 2012 fresh out of college and ready to see what God had in store.  I could not have asked for more.  My time spent at Groesbeck was great and an amazing learning experience as I had an opportunity to work with some great students and volunteers at the After School Program as well as mold the minds of our six student leaders.  Nothing excited me more than to see the passion in the eyes of the students of CHAOS//Student Ministries.  It truly was a wonderful experience.

But as you know, we felt that when we were offered the position of Student Ministries Pastor at Twin Oaks Christian Church we truly felt that God was calling us out of our ministry at Groesbeck and to partner with him in a new city, a new church, and a new home.  It was a huge risk, but my wife and I find that the best situations always come out of a little risk.

Therefore, as of August 31st, 2012 we began to call Southgate, MI and Twin Oaks Christian Church our home.

Again, Groesbeck Church, thank you so much for the hospitality, the friendship, the love, and the fun that we had with you all for a short time.  We will be praying for you and the journey that you guys are on.

till another day,