Monday, October 8, 2012

the Uprising...

As many of you know as of September I accepted a position at Twin Oaks Christian Church in Woodhaven, Michigan to become their Student Ministries Pastor.  I have been working for this church for just over a month and last night we were able to launch our brand new Student Ministry service called the Uprising.

This is going to be a church led by students for students purely to spread the gospel to all of the students that are in our Down River Area.  The Uprising is dedicated to building up a group of students that will faithfully, humbly, & wholeheartedly serve the Lord.

I had the honor last night of putting on our Fall Kickoff with all the help I could get from my Adult Sponsor team.  We had a wonderful night of worship, fun, fall inspired food, and relevant speaking.  It was so exciting to see over 50 Middle School & High School Students there who were excited to hear what all of the Uprising was all about.

Now outside of all of the logistics and everything else, I am so excited to be serving God here at Twin Oaks.  To lead a service like this is what I have been dreaming about doing since I felt the call to go into Student Ministry back in High School.  I have been dreaming of the day when God will give me a chance to preach the gospel to a group of students that are anxious to hear it.  It is such an amazing feeling and I am so honored to be serving him in this way.

I cannot imagine what God has in store for us at the Uprising, but I am so excited and I know he is going to do some amazing things.

If you would like to keep up on all things the Uprising then check out:

Facebook: The Uprising

Twitter: @Uprising_SM


I am so excited for the school year and to see what is going to happen.

till another day,


Yet another year...

This Tuesday October 9th I turn another year older.  I will be 23 years old (not much a milestone, but I like birthdays) and my wife loves to celebrate Birthdays as well.  So much so she already gave me a couple gifts off my wish list.

Below are a couple of gifts I already got:

11th Tattoo by Kory Swanson.
Symbolizes being rooted in the Word of God. Thanks Jenny :) 

A couple great movies from my Childhood to Add to my Vast DVD Collection.  Thanks Grandma
Pair of Florida Gators Inspired TOMs.  Thanks Debbie

Nike Colts Jersey.  Reggie Wayne. Thanks Mom & Dad
My family really knows me well and I am so excited to be able to celebrate with them over another year of life.  I am truly blessed to have tons of people in my family that really care.  I love you all.

till another day,


Let's Play Ball...

Not only is fall my favorite season of the year, but it also has 3 favorite seasons that are going on at time.  Those three seasons are as follows:  Florida Gators Football, St. Louis Cardinals Baseball, & the Indianapolis Colts Football.  All three of my favorite teams are playing any given weekend and I have three great games to superstitiously cheer for.

For my wife & I, Saturdays are filled with watching the University of Florida Gators stomp on everyone in the SEC on a regular basis while wearing my authentic Tim Tebow Jersey, not to mention matching socks, hat, & authentic shorts.

Sundays are ever more exciting with Jenny and I both having t shirts, jerseys, and shorts to choose from that dawn our favorite NFL team, the Indianapolis Colts.  You will most often find us cheering on Andrew Luck and the rest of Colts on CBS every Sunday afternoon.

But nothing is better than the month of October or as people of the great city of St. Louis like to call it RedOctober.  The beginning of October the MLB Postseason begins and most years we have the privilege of watching our St. Louis Cardinals advance to the postseason, not to mention winning the world series in 2006 & 2011 (hopefully 2012).

Sports have always been a huge part of my life and the fall is the center of the sports world for my wife and I with all three of our favorite teams playing at the same time.




till another day,