Tuesday, April 3, 2012

50 and counting...

Almost 11 months ago I set out on a mission to write a blog post once a week, and although there have a few weeks where it has not been a priority (finals week, wedding, honeymoon) I did seem to find a way to catch up and always stay on pace to reach my goal. I am proud to say that although I have yet to hit the 1 year mark I have hit 50. That's right 50 posts (1 each week for the last 50 weeks).

Now for many of you this may just be a blog therefore what's the big deal when you read 50 posts. But for me this is a journal that goes through the moments of my life that have been influential from moving to Indianapolis, to marrying my wonderful wife, and ultimately moving back to Cincinnati to pursue a career in ministry.

As I look back on all 50 of these posts, I see high points during this year as well as low points that deserve a moment of reflection, each in their own special way. I have changed over these past 50 posts and it can be seen through my writing and studying.

If anything, this blog has been an outlet for me to speak my mind to whoever is listening, but most of all share my concerns about this world with the Lord. There is something truly freeing about putting words to a page. It trully can be a form of medication for a person that is struggling with anything from doubt to depression and happiness to joy.

I pray that over the next 50 posts I continuelly to see my life changed as well as the lives of others around me to be changed, not because I can write words to a page, but because the living God speaks through me. That is my prayer for this blog and my prayer for the community I am apart of, that they would all, someday be transformed by the power of the Gospel.

till another day,


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