Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Reality TV...

Although the original reality TV is considered to be Survivor, I like to think otherwise.  I like to believe that the trails and tribulations of the lives of those who call Newport Beach, CA home was indeed the first reality TV show.  Although the OC is not technically reality, it was based on a reality.  And I do find it to be embracing, but after getting the first and second season on DVD and spending the past weekend watching much of it, I have begun to realize the connections that can be found between "reality TV" and "reality".  Yes I said it connections between Ryan, Seth, Marissa, and Summer of the OC to our reality.

Those of you who are/were fans of the OC know that life at Newport Beach is filled with drama from beginning to end.  With the beginning of a new problem, soon following the resolution of the fast conflict.  this cycle, although abstract, may be closer to reality than we think.

It may not necessarily be the same drama that has hindered the lives of the Cohens that occurs in our world, but it is just not.  Week seek for our lives to simply go day to day without any problems and work themselves out to the way that we sit fit.  For example, if my fiancé and I had it our way there would be no problems in our relationship, no tension in our family, no job searching (first job was a yes), and no financial worries.  But the reality is that our will is not "his" will.  Although it may seem tedious or trivial, God has led Jenny and I through ups and downs that have built us to be who we are.  Not merely to make us better "people", but to prepare us for the ministry he has set before us.

We are all given opportunities in our life to bring glory to his name and our lives are a living testimony to the glory that is found in the arms of God.

Our lives may be just as dramatic as the Cohens of Newport Beach, but what is known is that through the ups and downs and through the drama purpose is found.  A purpose of living a life worth being called Son's and Daughters of God.  We have been given an opportunity to serve God that goes much deeper than the trivial and tedious acts of day to day life.  But instead the glory that is shown today will ring in the hallways of heaven for all of eternity.

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