Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Move Mountains...

If any of you have been following the posts from the past summer and fall semester, you realize that I have struggled with this idea of trust.  Not trust the individuals of the world, but trusting the created of this world.

As many of you know, I am in my final 7 weeks of my internship/college career and will be beginning my life in the real world.  The real world of paying for rent, gas, food, shelter, and any wonderful gifts I would love to give my beautiful fiancĂ© Jennifer.  This pressure has brought me to either fully trust God or worry about where my future was going to lie.  And if I can be completely honest, I have leaned much more toward worry than toward trust.  Although I have been praying every single day about my future, that was part of the problem.  Although I was praying, I was praying merely about the problem that I claimed to be "ignoring".  These faithful prayers only lead to more worry than true, leaving my commitment to God's will for my life dependent on what he was going to do regarding my future career.

But it was not until this past Sunday that I began to fully realize what it meant to trust to Lord God with all my heart.  As a youth ministry we had the opportunity to visit the Rising at Northside Christian Church in New Albany, IN.  We got connected with their ministry because Matt Allman the youth minister at the Rising was a part of OASIS at Eastview Christian Church when I was a student.  We have stayed connected over the years and when we, as a youth ministry, were given the opportunity to visit another service, the Rising stuck out.

Matt was the speaker for the night and he spoke on what happens when you truly confide in the Lord.  He emphasized the fact that God still moves mountains, you will find peace when you trust in the Lord, and also find Rest in his arms as you allow him to be your protector, provider, and father.

All of this was all things I have heard before, but there was never a better time to realize the fact the God truly WILL bring peace and rest in the Lord.  With my life in mind, I have begun to realize through prayer and worship the last couple of days that trusting in the Lord does not only include trusting in him, but also believing the he can truly do miraculous things.  With these miraculous things in mind, I have peace in the fact that my God is just that, my God.  My father, creator, protecter, and provider that will do just that, provide.

It is not a fact that if God will move mountains, but when God will move mountains.  I have found peace is this fact and I am now finding rest.

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