Sunday, November 6, 2011

An Artist at Work...

As many of you know, Jenny, my wonderful fiancé, and I have begun to spend much of our time at the tattoo shop.  We have built a relationship with an amazing tattoo artist named TJ Harmon.  We originally met him at randomly when I wanted to get a tattoo to symbolize my love for my beautiful fiancé.  We were referred to Irish Ink in Greenwood by a couple friends and I ran into TJ, TJ Harmon to be exact.  He did an amazing job with the paint palette tattoo on my right hand and it was a perfect artist-client relationship after that.
Although this isn't the best picture (the Red and the Orange have since then come in much better) it was a perfect tribute to the artist that is my fiancé.  

It then got us thinking, "What other tattoos are next?"  Jenny then had the honor of working with him to create a truly beautiful memorial tattoo in honor of the wonderful Melvin & Doris Schroeder.  

It was truly an honor to be a part of the tattoo process and to make this tattoo a reality.  TJ Harmon at this point moved from Irish Ink to a new tattoo shop, because of a misunderstanding with management, called Main Street Tattoo in Old Town Greenwood.  After this amazing tattoo, my beautiful fiancé gave me a gift for my birthday.  Two Years Early on October 9th, my then girlfriend (Yes, is still Jenny :) ) gave me a tattoo for my birthday.  

This year, October 9th 2011, she decided to continue that tradition by surprising me with a trip to Main Street Tattoo and a meeting with TJ Harmon.  Seven Hours Later and a lot of pain, this was the product on my left upper arm.

This, still an unfinished piece, is by far my most detailed piece with the shading, deep lines, and colors.  I was in awe of how wonderful this work actually turned out and I am so excited to add some color to finish off the shoulder cap and to continue to the elbow.  But this is not all.  Last week TJ had a special of $50 an hour and Jenny had the wonderful idea of getting a random tattoo that is small, but still important to each of us.  so we got each of these tattoos respectively (Jenny on the left, me on the right). 

Jenny, a tattoo based on the DCFC song "I'll Follow You Into the Dark" with the date 10-16-09 which is the day I officially ask her to be my girlfriend.  Mine on the other hand, was the chi-rho symbol which was used by Constantine on his army's shields.  This symbol meaning Christ or power and strength, thus it was placed on my left forearm under the word Power in Greek.  

This brings the total tattoo tally for me up to 6 and Jenny up to 7 with many more ideas to come.  This long relationship with TJ does not seem to be stopping soon and we are so excited to begin to spend time with him.  For all of this would not be possible without the talent and drive to TJ Harmon to do tattoos.  

He is truly a master artist and a great friend of ours.  If you ever need anything as far as tattoos go, please go to him.  This is the beginning of a great relationship and I cannot wait to see how it continues.  As Jenny and I grow and mature, so will our relationship with our tattoo master, TJ Harmon.  

till another day, 


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