Monday, December 12, 2011

Keepin' it Local...

Over the past three years, due to a newly found love for vintage, coffee, and the local establishment, I have found myself frequenting local coffee shops.  I do so mainly to take in my surroundings, sample a great cup of joe, and work on whatever i find myself doing (reading, journaling, homework, sermons).  These trips and conversations with my local baristas have allowed me to compile a list of my favorite places in the respective cities I have lived.

Beginning with Bloomington-Normal, IL I find myself at Coffee Hound in Bloomington.  This being my home town I did not find this place until the summer after my senior of high school.  The beautiful architecture of the apartments around and the small street it has placed it's self on brings me to fall in love with sitting outside on one of their many patio chairs and reading.  My drink of choice here is a 16 oz Vanilla Latte in an in-house mug.  Their latte art is out of this world and the slight vanilla taste that they add to their latte is what puts it over the top.

Coffee Hound - Bloomington, IL
Moving further east at my current home we find two great coffee shops.  First is Mo Joe's Coffeehouse in Downtown Indianapolis.  This great independently owned coffeehouse offers anything from sandwiches, to bottomless coffee, to local beer.  The thing that continues to draw me back to this place is the location.  Found directly off of Michigan Avenue, it is in the heart of a thriving Downtown Indianapolis and peering over the skyline while drinking some great coffee is something that is truly magical.  My drink of choice would have to be their bottomless coffee.  At $3 a cup it is the perfect choice when you are looking to spend a long day working on anything.

Mo'Joe's CoffeeHouse - Dwtn Indy
Just slightly south in my beautiful fiancĂ©'s hometown of Greenwood, IN we find Strange Brew Coffee.  Living just down the road from this shop in Bradford Place, I have found myself frequenting this place after working for most of the day at Emmanuel Church of Greenwood.  The awesome music and cozy seating is what makes this probably my favorite coffee stop in Indiana, not to mention the wonderful Barista's, Joel of Mustard Room Design.  My drink of choice a medium drip coffee at $1.75 w/ .50 cent refills.  I either fill up my vintage mug with either their Holiday Grogg or Arabian Roast, both never need cream or sugar because they are that good.  All in all, if you are looking for a cozy place with great people and not mention great coffee this is your joint.

Strange Brew Coffee - Greenwood, IN

Lastly, furthest east to Jennifer and I's newest home, Cincinnati, OH you will find Corner Bloc Coffee.  This shop located in the heart of West Price Hill is owned and operated by Bloc Ministries which is a non-profit after school program for intercity kids in the Greater Cincinnati area.  The profits from this wonderful shop go to furthering the ministry of this after school program.  While in school, I had the privilege of working with this program for 2 years, when Corner Bloc opened, naturally, I fell in love with the coffee shop.  This stop offers a variety of homemade goodies, not to mention all organic, but my favorite is either Mama's Chocolate Chip pie, or Andy's Homemade Granola and Yogurt.  On the coffee side of things, my drink of choice would have to the Haria coffee that is hand brewed by my favorite Barista and good friend Danny Kester.  With jazz nights once a week this place is always an exciting and friendly place to call home.  
Corner Bloc CoffeeShop - West Price Hill, OH

This ends our tour of normallyINDIE's favorite coffee destinations, but with Jennifer and I's most recent move back to Cincinnati, coming January 1st 2012, I am sure we will continue to find small, quiet places we love.  

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