Monday, October 8, 2012

Yet another year...

This Tuesday October 9th I turn another year older.  I will be 23 years old (not much a milestone, but I like birthdays) and my wife loves to celebrate Birthdays as well.  So much so she already gave me a couple gifts off my wish list.

Below are a couple of gifts I already got:

11th Tattoo by Kory Swanson.
Symbolizes being rooted in the Word of God. Thanks Jenny :) 

A couple great movies from my Childhood to Add to my Vast DVD Collection.  Thanks Grandma
Pair of Florida Gators Inspired TOMs.  Thanks Debbie

Nike Colts Jersey.  Reggie Wayne. Thanks Mom & Dad
My family really knows me well and I am so excited to be able to celebrate with them over another year of life.  I am truly blessed to have tons of people in my family that really care.  I love you all.

till another day,


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