Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Why God?...

I had to opportunity to meet with a friend of mine today at one of my favorite spots in Woodhaven, MI, Starbucks on Allen & West.  It was an awesome time of encouragement and growth with one another, but there was sometime particular that came out of this time together.  What was revealed to me was the importance with trusting God with everything that we have.  

I feel like I have written on this topic before, but I never feel that we an spend enough time focusing on trusting God or having true faith that requires something.  He reminded me today that anyone can believe in God, but faith is something that is not as easily found.  I began to think about having faith and even having faith when it seems that everything else is falling apart.  I am reminded how easy it is to have faith in God and his power when everything is going great and we are at the peak of our existence.  

It reminds me of the story of Job and the fact that his entire story was centered on the fact that everything was taken from him.  The important part of this story is that God did not take everything away from Job, but instead he allowed Satan into the situation to destroy his life, knowing that Job would continue to have faith in God.  This reminds me that Satan never overpowers our God, but that he is on a leash and he can be let off the leash when God wants.  But ultimately, God is the master of all things including Satan.  What we can't do anymore is ask Why God?, instead we must endure realizing that God is in control of all of these situations and faith must be at the center of everything.  Our faith in the living God, must endure even if we do lose everything.  Because what we know is that our life is worthless unless we are seeking the power, hope, love, truth, and justice of our all powerful God.  

This story reminds me of the ultimate power and faithfulness of God and also reminds me to be as faithful as our living God. 

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