Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Flood...

Recently I have been given the opportunity come to McDonalds here in Greenwood, IN at 6am every Tuesday and meet with a small group of guys from Emmanuel Church.  For the past three weeks we have been meeting and I have been teaching and reading through the first couple of biblical stories in Genesis.  We will continue to do so for the next 13 weeks over the next couple of months walking through the rest of Genesis, dissecting the context and culture while doing so.  This bible study (McTuesdays/Breakfast Club 2.0) was modeled after DM2 at Eastview Christian Church during my years in high school.  It gives me an opportunity to teach in an advanced way as well as give the students the opportunity to dive deeper into the scriptures in a way that is unlike Sundays.  God has called us to deeply understand his scripture and especially the events and people he used to complete his will.

Specifically this week we were reading/teaching through Genesis 7 - 10 focusing on the Flood.  What is interesting that I have found about reading about Noah is the fact that he was a man that walked with God, this being the first human being to be considered to be in relationship with God in this way.   He truly was in relationship with him and the only man to do so since the fall and not again until the arrival of Jesus.  But this was not what stuck out to me most through these four chapters.  The overarching them that seemed to be at the center of this relationship was the fact that Noah trusted God and did not ask questions.  Noah trusted God through the construction of a boat unlike anything he had ever seen.  Noah trusted God through the actual Flood without knowing when it would cease.  Noah trusted God through the ceasing of the rainfall and the reconstruction of the Earth.  Without asking questions Noah did what the Lord asked of him, always trusting that God would provide for him.

After finishing the lesson and thinking back on what I taught, I began to bring together the connection between my life and Noah.  Although I am not saying that God has chosen to act through me in the magnitude of a Flood, I do believe that he has chosen to do something in me.  I am simply in preparation for what is to come in the future.  As January looms and my graduation date gets closer and closer, the provision God has given me throughout my life just makes me continue to trust him.  The past five months of my life I have been in prayer with God specifically for the provision.

Noah brings to light an amazing story of biblical triumph, but most of all provision.  God's provision was at the center of his life and I long to walk with the Lord.

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