Saturday, September 24, 2011

OUR Big Day...

Those of you who know me personally know that I will be marrying the most amazing woman in the world on March 10th 2012 (just 168 short days away).  We are both so anxious to start our life together, living in who knows where, moving into our apartment, getting our first Dog, etc... All of the things that married couples will get to do we are both so excited to bring into our lives.  As a part of Turquoise Feathers , Jenny is photographing a wedding this weekend for a couple of great friends.  We could not be more happy for Clay and Anya, but I am not gonna lie, jealousy has begun to sink in.

But as I battle with the jealousy and anxiety, I begin to realize that God has brought me to the place that I am on September 24th 2011 for a reason.  I am currently a Student Ministry Intern, seeking a full time position and many times I wonder why God has placed me where I am currently.  I have become so anxious to move to the next stage of life (job, marriage, new life) that I have begun to forget why God has me where I am today.

As Christians we are called to live in urgency and hope that today will be the day that the Lord, Jesus Christ will return to save us from this wicked world.  Therefore, it is important to always live in the moment "making the most of every opportunity" (Eph. 5:15-16) today.  In that God has provided for each of us an opportunity to grow and an opportunity to bring glory to God everyday, calling us to take advantage of those opportunity now.

With that being said, although my anxiety for marriage and my new stages of life are normal, they are not what I am called to.  God is continuing to move and lead in my life today September 24th 2011.  I am seeking the follow the Lord today and if I am given to blessing of the breath of life in the morning, I will do the same.

till another Day,


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