Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Another Cup of Coffee...

If you have been following this blog at all over the past 6 months, you will have seen a lot of book review and particularly book reviews that regard to my many Starbuck's books.  I began my journey reading Onward by Howard Schultz which is a story about the rough patch that they encountered from 2008 - the present.  Most of all how Schultz handled the pressure of stepping back into a managerial role and turning the company upside down.  I then moved onto the Starbuck's Experience, this book was a perfect read because it encapsulates the 5 point business model that made Starbucks into the powerhouse it is today.  Most recently I moved onto Pour Your Heart Into it by Howard Schultz (and another ghost writer).  This is a little older look at the dynamic company, but it gives an in-depth history lesson of how the company began, thrived, and continues to find success through dynamic relevance.  Thanks to a great friend of mine who is one of Starbuck's thousands of partners/baristas, I will be continuing to read up on this wonderful company.

You may be asking, why/how would a Pastor of Student Ministries find anything relevant for ministry in a book about a for profit company like Starbucks (besides the refreshing aroma of coffee as he reads it in a wonderful Starbucks location).  It is very simple actually.  Starbuck's has always valued the newcomer at a very high level, hoping to transform the way they understand coffee and how they experience it.  Therefore, their baristas, locations, coffee, and food items all emulate a level excellence that truly gives the newcomer the best of experiencing something.   This is exactly what I find to be true with the position I find myself in today.  I have been called to create an experience for people to understand what God has created them for.  It is being very sensitive to a newcomer that needs a little explaining as to why they would ever enjoy something like this.  As well as training those that are working for me to be great advocates for what is happening in the name of God.

Like Starbuck's the church is trying to send a message to the world that their is something out there that they have never experienced before and that is the loving hope of Jesus Christ.

PS.  If you there are any great Starbucks books I have missed please let me know and I will read them right away.

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