Monday, August 6, 2012

The Circle Maker by Mark Batterson - Book Review...

Time for another book review.  I most recently finished reading yet another book (I keep buying new books though) and i am excited to share with you my thoughts.

If you have not yet heard of Mark Batterson, he is truly a gifted pastor and author.  The author of the Circle Maker is fairly new to the pastoral author scene (if that is a real thing), but yet he has some exciting words to share.  As the book chronicles Mark is a pastor/church planter in the Metro DC area and a few years ago he felt all to do something unlike he had every thought of.  That was to literally pray circles around his future.  He learned this idea from a novel called the Book of Legends which chronicles legends of jewish history who were monumental.  One in particular was named Honi and he came up with the idea of truly praying to God like the Israelites did on their march to Jericho.  He would not spot praying until the Lord showed himself to all of his people.  This not only showed to be effective, but God showed in ways the Honi did not even think were possible.  As you read through Mark's words, you begin to see his same journey of circling his life and ministry in prayers.  A simple prayer walk around a 4 mile radius of his house paved the way for the future of his ministry in the DC area.  Literal places that Mark did not know existed were given to him to use as a tool for ministry in the future, only to realize that he walked by them on that original prayer walk.

The book along with the DVD curriculum truly shows the power that prayer can have and the fact that the Lord is waiting for us to ask of him miraculous things just so he can show is true colors.  For if we are unwilling to ask the Lord for immeasurably more, then how is he supposed to truly prove himself to his believing.  Mark explains in an amazing way to his readers that prayer is not merely something to calm our nerves or get things off of our chest, but it is the way that we partner with the Lord in life and ministry.  We ask the Lord for amazing miracles and in his time he provides.

This book is truly and inspiration to those who are seeking out a deeper prayer life.  It has transformed the way I pray about my family, my church, and my personal relationship with Christ.  It is a must read for those seeking out how to truly get the most out of their relationship with Christ.

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