Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Dreamers - Belle Histoire...

I have had the honor to listen to some pretty great bands over the past years, many of which I have built a friendship (Eric Mac - Irela, TJ - Good Morning Gladys, Aaron Morgan - Seabird, Austin Livingood - Belle Histoire)  Music is a huge part of my life and will continue to be for as long as I live.  Therefore, when I find a great band it is hard for me to want to put their album down for more than 5 minutes.

There have been a couple of exception albums this year of 2012, but none like Belle Histoire's first ever full length titled Dreamers.  A band that calls my home Cincinnati their birthplace, they have been taking over the music scene.  Most recently touring with Death Cab for Cutie and playing at Cincinnati's very first Bunburry Festival this past year, Belle Histoire has only been amping themselves up for their album release this past month.

I currently have been listening to the album on repeat for the last two weeks and it excites me every time.  The vocals are of music genius, but only to be balanced by the smooth guitar and drum beats surrounding it.  All of the songs on the record are filled with passion and heart, but also have a tune that is worth belting out on long road trips, or sometimes in the comfort of your own office.  Their first two EPs were merely teasers for what was to come in this first full length and this time it leaves you itching for more and more.

A great friend of mine happens to be a part of this band and I am so honored to share in this huge moment for him as well as the rest of his band mates.  I wish them the best as always and i suggest jumping onto iTunes and downloading their first every full length entitled DREAMERS.

It is totally worth the purchase and even more so worth seeing this great band perform live.  Also check out their website for tour dates at

Good luck and happy listening.

till another day,


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