Monday, May 21, 2012

802 Main St...

As you know my beautiful wife and I have had the amazing opportunity of moving into a wonderful new city, the city of Cincinnati.  With this comes new places to see, eat, drink, listen, play, etc.  Therefore this blog is dedicated to those places.

Coffee Shops
     We live just south of Over the Rhine (one of the best districts to live in in Cincinnati) and there are some great coffee shops in this area.  There is always Starbuck's on fifth street, but what I find to be the best in the area is Coffee Emporium.  This is a staple in the area located on Central Parkway and it comes with a full roaster as well as breakfast bar on the weekends.  They always have great local coffee brewing, the best chocolate chip cookies I have ever had (a meal in itself), and not to mention outside seating that gives you the opportunity to sip on a cup and check out the great city.  Next is Iris Book Cafe, just a little bit further down Main St.  Tucked in between a great group of stores in OTR you will find some wonderful vegan food options as well as some great brewed iced teas and coffees.  

Dining Spots 
      We have begun the practice of a date night once a week where we are able to get out of the house and check out a new local place.  Our top spots so far have been Arnold's (the oldest bar in Cincinnati), Cincy by the Slice, and especially Graeter's Ice cream.  Each of these place's has there speciality and we continue to try new things each time we go, especially graeter's.  

These are just a couple of our favorite places in Cincinnati.  We are so excited to continue to try new things and venture out on journeys across the city.  Keep checking up and look at what is happening in our world.  

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