Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Time to Submit it...

In January of this year I accepted the position Community Youth Coordinator at Groesbeck United Methodist Church (soon to be changing to Student Ministries Pastor). This role includes directing and implementing an after school program for High School age students from Colerain HS and the surrounding area. With this comes funding and with this funding comes grant writing.

I am currently submitting a grant for Congregational Revitalization to the West Ohio Conference of United Methodist. It is an exciting opportunity that begin in February when I had the opportunity to travel to the conference offices in Columbus and sit through a seminar explaining just exactly what it meant to write a grant. After just over a month of editing, writing, and collecting it has come time to submit and in just two short days I will be submitting the grant for evaluation and approval at the West Ohio Conference. It is exciting, but also nerve-racking realizing that some of what we do here at CHAOS//Student Ministries could be dictated by the verdict that is returned after the submission of this grant. What I have come to realize is that not only is this a nerve racking opportunity, but it is also an opportunity to trust the living God who all in all is in control of all of our lives and the decisions that occur.

It got me thinking, in what other areas of my life is it important to submit and trust the Lord. I begin to think about my own personal finances and the well being of my family, the car troubles we find ourselves in as well as the continuing growth that comes with being an adult and I realize all of it. All of it must be submitted to the Lord, for in the midst of everything that seems to be so nerveracking and intimidating he finds a way to provide and not only provide for us, but be glorified in the process. When we think about life through that lens it makes it so much simpler. Asking the question how are my actions glorifying the Lord today and I am fully submitting and trusting the will of God to lead me through my life?

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