Tuesday, May 29, 2012

An Obsession...

It is that time of year, time to update you all on our latest addictions to DVDs and now introducting Netflix/Apple TV. For christmas my wonderful Father in Law gave us an Apple TV, which for those of you who do not know is a little black box that streams anything and everything entertainment to your HDTV. Thus our DVD viewing has drastically changed with the introduction of netflix streaming wirelessly to our brand new 47" Vizio HDTV (thanks again Duane). Now that are viewing format has drastically gotten better I will go on to tell you the great shows we have become interested in over the past 6 months since the new year began.

Top Shows on DVD
1. One Tree Hill (Season 1-9)
2. The OC (Season 1 - 4)
3. The Office (Season 1 - 7)
4. Friends (Currently watching Season 6)
5. Full House (Season 1 - 8)

Top Shows on Netflix
1. Parks and Recreation (Season 1 - 3)
2. One Tree Hill (Yes on DVD & Netflix)
3. CNBC Documentaries (Alec is a Nerd)
4. Psych (Currently watching Season 3)
5. Saved by the Bell (season 1 - 5)

Tops Shows on Cable
1. Bachelor/Bachelorette Series (Jenny :)
2. How I Met Your Mother (Season 7)
3. The Office (Season 8)
4. The Voice (Season 2)
5. American Ninja Warrior (Alec is Lame)

Top Shows Coming Soon to DVD/on our Wish List
1. The Office (Season 8)
2. How I Met Your Mother (Season 7)
3. Parks & Recreation (Season 4)
4. Friends (Season 6 - 10)
5. Boy Meets World (Season 2 - 7)

As you can see my love of DVDs and specifically television shows has rubbed on my beautiful wife Jennifer. We each have our favorites and are excited for what is to come. But if anything we can share together in our love of laughing, crying, and getting attached to a great TV sitcom. Thank you to all those actors we love so much and for making it so easy to share together in this obsession with Television.

till another day,


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