Monday, June 18, 2012

Strike Three...

Sports are at the center of our lives for much of us at an early age. We have all grown up looking to become the next Babe Ruth or Tiger Woods or Joe Montana (whatever sports superstar you choose to look up to). Especially in our American culture we have the need to grab onto the hopes and dreams of our favorite sports teams. How do you decide your favorite sports or sports teams. Well it is a serious formula that takes years to understand, actually for a lot of us it is related to where we call home or who are family believes to be the best or favorite.

For me I was born in the great state of Missouri in St. Louis where I began my relationship with the St. Louis Cardinals and the St. Louis Rams. As I continued through my life I moved to Florida and now became a Florida Gators fanatic. My life then continues and Tiger Woods grabbed my heart with his powerful drives and exciting fist pumps. As I continued to grow and move I added two other sports to my list being the Indianapolis Colts (thanks to my beautiful wife) and Lebron James (currently the Miami Heat). All of these people seemed to grab my heart in different ways and for different reasons. Either for their underdog championships or their truimph against adversity or merely their dominance when no one else would step up to the plate.

I have become a person that seems to connect with each of these members of sports, so much that I feel like I am one of the men on that team. I connect so much that it sometimes feels like your committment to the team or player will allow them to be successful. Even though this seems to be so ridiculous when you think about it, when it comes down to it we all have our favorite jersey or our favorite hat that we all believe will have an effect on our favorite if and when we wear it. At the peak of our favorite season of sports our emotions can go up and down like a roller coaster, but their is nothing better than watching your team capture that elusive championship.

For some reason, as Americans, sports have been able to take our minds away from everything else that is happening in our lives to give us hope and joy. I am thankful for sports and their excitement, but most of all the hope and joy that it brings sometimes to a dreary day.

Thank you sports for the relationship.    

till another day,


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