Saturday, March 16, 2013

Cousin Eddie's Big Day...

I have had the honor of getting to know this man, my cousin, Edward J. Schmidt for the past 10 years of my life.  He is an amazing man of God and has always been one of the main influences in my life.  I am so honored and blessed to have him as a part of our family and could not be happier for his Ordination tomorrow.

Many of you reading this may have met Eddie before, but if you haven't let me explain a little bit about who this man is.

I first met Eddie in Shop class in 7th grade at Chiddix Junior High School.  At the time Eddie and I both were a bit nerdy, but he had a way with words and especially telling jokes.  He was definitely the class clown of the Chiddix Team Titans and was so funny to be around.  I continued to get to know Eddie as we both started to get involved with Remix, mentored under Joel Craig, at Eastview Christian Church, Normal, IL.  We went on our first missions trip together to Cincinnati, OH in 2003 (Know Sweat) followed by a trip to Mexico, 2 Trips to DR/Haiti, & 5 Trips to CIY Move.  We spent so many hours together getting to know each other, but it really wasn't until we decided that we were both going to Cincinnati Christian University that we became family.

At the time I did not know Eddie well, but we thought what the heck, we might as well room together.  There is no other people from our hometown going to CCU so at least we had that going for us.  We could not have been more right.  We spent the rest of our senior year/summer getting to know each other and by the time we came to CCU we were joined at the hip.

While at CCU we created traditions like Friday Naps, Movie Nights, & Roomie Playlists (Power of Love).  Not to mention became known as those "two annoying guys that always are with each other".  We were a lot to handle, but we had a group of friends that fit like a glove and we could not be happier to still have those relationships today.

Eddie then went our separate ways, as Eddie ventured off to Australia, England, & Florida, I went to work with Bloc Ministries, & met my beautiful wife Jenny in Indianapolis.

Our journeys have led us so many places (Detroit, MI), but one thing is for sure Eddie and I are family and we will stay that way.  Eddie is one of the most kind-hearted, genuine, loving, and comfortable people to be around.  He lights a room the second he walks in and he is a diligent scholar when it comes to understanding God's word.  I look up to him in so many ways and I am so honored to call him my brother in Christ.

Eddie, I am so happy for you and congratulations on your ordination.  Welcome to the ministry my friend and it is going to be such an exciting journey.  One thing is for sure, there will be highs and lows, but you know that Jenny and I will always be here for you.  We love you so very much and couldn't be more proud of our cousin Eddie.

till another day,


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