Thursday, March 21, 2013

Golf Season is Here...

Spring is upon us, the grass is starting to grow, and golf courses are starting to open.  Although it is still in the 30s here in Michigan, slowly but surely golf season is coming.  I have had the honor this year of helping to coach the Trenton HS boys golf team here in Michigan and I could not be more excited.  Nothing gets me driven to work on my game more than, working with others, especially students, to better their game.  It just brings a great start to an already great season that is golf season.  

Some things I would love to see happen this golf season are as follows: 

1.  Shoot Par 
2.  Hit all 18 Fairways in 1 Round 
3.  Play in 3 Amateur Tournaments 
4.  Teach 3 New Golf Clients 
5.  Play 20 Rounds of Golf 
6.  Help our team win the Church Scramble 
7.  Beat my Dad in an official 18 hole round 
8.  Teach my wife, Jenny, how to play the game 
9.  Enjoy myself every time I play 

These are just a few personal goals I would love to see happen as I begin my journey back to playing golf on a regular basis.  I have had a long career with some time off in between and I am hoping to get back to playing regularly.  This giving me the opportunity not only to work with the Trenton students, but also to have meaningful conversations.  There is just something about being on the golf course that truly reminds me of the majesty of our living God.  He created this wonderful world and for 4 hours I have the opportunity to walk, breath, smell, hear, see, everything that he has created.  It is truly a blessing.  

That is what I am looking forward to most as we begin golf season here in Michigan and I am so excited to share that with those i love. 

till another day, 


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