Tuesday, July 30, 2013

So Many Books...

If you know me at all, you know how much I love to read.  There is nothing like grabbing your favorite coffee and your favorite book (not to mention highlighter) and studying.  I have spent much of my summer doing just that as I have slowly finishing the books I have in my library in the hopes that in the next couple of years I will have all of my books read.  Here is a list of some recommended reading I would suggest if you are looking for something to get you through until the school year or to lead you into the great winter months.

1.  Altar Ego - Craig Groeschel

2.  Draw the Circle (40 Day Prayer Challenge) - Mark Batterson

3.  Deep & Wide - Andy Stanley

4.  Everyday Church - Chester & Timms

5.  Love Like Jesus - Judah Smith

These are just a couple of some amazing books that I strongly suggest you grab a copy of.  Each of these men has inspired me in a way that I could not image always pointing the finger at God for their success and most of all drawing me closer to my creator.  That is what I am so blessed with, not the knowledge, but the relationship with my loving God that is a product of this.

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