Tuesday, July 30, 2013

So much to come...

Sadly summer is coming to a close and it is getting colder out.  Students will be headed back to school and vactions will be coming to an end.  But although all of that sounds sad, there is a lot to look forward too about the Fall most specifically in the music world.  If you follow my website over the past 2.5 years you know that I love my fair share of music.  My taste is quite broad (absolutely no Country) and it excites me when Tuesday roles around and new music hits the scene.  Therefore, I have compiled a list of music projects (in no particular order) I am counting down their release here in the fall months.  So grab your favorite journal and pen (mine is a moleskine & a Pilot G2 07) and jot these down.

1.  The Civil Wars - Civil Wars (Self-titled) [August 6th]

2.  Austin Livingood - The Weightless Anchor - By Plane (EP 1) [August 6th]

3.  Mike Mains & the Branches - Calm Down, Everything is Fine [TBA]

4.  Jack Johnson - From Here to Now to You [September 17th]

5.  John Mayer - Paradise Valley [August 20th]

Those are just a couple albums that I am really excited about and I hope you are too.  Make sure and check out all of the other albums from each of these artists and I am sure you will be pleased.  Happy Listening and enjoy the rest of your summer.

till another day,


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