Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Let Go & Let God...

I had the honor and privilege of taking 11 High School students & 5 adults to CIY Move in Holland, MI this past week.  For those of you who don't know, Move is a Nationwide HS week of worship that takes place at numerous locations throughout the summer months.  It has been going on for many years now and more specifically I have been going to CIY Move since the summer of 2005 (5 Times as a student, 3 times as a leader, missing 2011 & 2012).  This week of worship, intentional growth, and fellowship was one of the most formidable weeks of my teenage years, therefore I jumped at the possibility of leading a group of students from the Uprising.

After lack of interest forced us to lower our numbers, I was discouraged wonder whether it was even worth it for us to go on the trip all together.  But the second I stepped onto the campus, boy was I wrong.  God began working in my heart, our adults' hearts, and in the hearts of our students immediatly.  Little did we know that we would have the opportunity by the end of the week to baptize 5 students, 2 students rededicate their lives, and 6 students commit to full-time vocational ministry.  Here is just a glimpse of the week that changed the Uprising forever.

This was just a glimpse into the amazing week that our students and adults had at CIY Move.  I encourage you to check out The Uprising on Facebook or Instagram (@uprising_sm) as well as get in touch with some of the students that went on the trip.  Ask them about their experience and I am sure you will be encouraged.  

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