Monday, February 13, 2012


On October 16, 2009 I was given the privilege to begin a relationship with the most amazing women in the world.  If any of you truly know me, you know that I am speaking of my unforgettably beautiful fiancé (soon to be wife #31012) Jennifer Schroeder of Turquoise Feathers.  Not only is she the face of this wonderful company, but she is also the brains behind this very blog you are currently reading.  Design being one of the many she is talented at, I have the privilege this year to be spending our 3rd Valentine's Day together (3 of many, many more).

Although we are not spending the actual day together, it still means just as much.  We will be celebrating this wonderful day on February 16th (our 28th month anniversary, yes I still count those) by getting matching tattoos that symbolize our soon to come marriage.

But all of that aside I would like to take some time to celebrate our life together so far by posting a couple pictures of some of my favorite memories with my beautiful Valentine.

Friend's Wedding in 2010, She was so Beautiful

2nd Picture we took together, Irela BOTB 2009

My Favorite Engagement Picture, Christmas 2010

Brother & Sister in Law's Wedding, 6/5/10

Summer Engagement Pictures, 2011

These are just a couple of my favorite moments in the past two and a half years of life that I have been able to share with the most precious human being in the entire world.  It is truly an honor to be associated with her and it will be even more of an honor on 3/10/12 to declare Jennifer Schroeder to be my wife Mrs. Jennifer Tod. 

till another VALENTINE'S day, 


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