Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Down to Single Digits...

If you have been following either or our blogs for the last year and a half you know that Jennifer Schroeder of Turquoise Feathers and Alec Tod of normallyINDIE are tying the knot in just 9 days.  This marks the end of a very long journey that began way back when in October of 2008 when I first laid eyes of my future bride.  It has been a long 3.5 years since that first day we met, but we have made it here and I could not be happier.

Not only is this a journey that is coming to an end, but it is launching a much longer journey that was ordained by God.  It is launching into and eternity of love that we will be spending together.  An eternity of love that will be modeled after the unconditional love that is found in the arms of Jesus Christ.

But that is all good and swell, but it has not been an easy road to get to where we are today.  It has taken growth, a humble spirit, prayer, love, and commitment to get to where we are today.  But most of all it has taken sacrifice.  Not the easy stuff that most people think of like giving up the remote, food choices, money, or radio stations (although all of those do happen), it has taken the denying of myself for the betterment of my bride.  For she is just that, my bride that, like Jesus does for the church, I must sacrifice myself for her betterment.  It takes the sacrifice of dreams, future plans, and job choices for the betterment of her.  But I know what many of you will say, why would anyone get married when you have to give up everything that you hold dear and I would have this to say to the skeptic.  There is nothing like giving up everything for another person, only for them to do the same for you.  Just as I have given up my dreams, future, and jobs for the betterment of Jennifer, Jennifer has denied herself only to support me.  She has sacrificially trusted the Lord with our relationship even to the point of moving from her home for the past 22 years to start a new home with me here in Cincinnati, OH.  She did not do so because there was something in it for her or because she was forced, it did so because she, like me, has chosen everyday to deny herself for me.

That is why people who fall in love, stay with one another for all of eternity.  They have realized that they must wake up everyday and deny themselves for the betterment of the love of their lives.  For there is nothing better than giving your life to someone and them doing the same.

So as I prepare to read my vows of promise to my future bride, today I vow that I will deny myself for Jennifer only to wake up tomorrow and do it all over again.

till another day,


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