Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Book Review - Through my Eyes by Tim Tebow

If you have spent any time with me at all, you know how much of a Gator fan I am.  I spend much of the year anticipating Labor Day Weekend for the start of the college football regular season and another Gators run at a National Championship.

From 1997 - 2000 my family and I lived in South Florida.  These were my formative college football years and upon learning of the power of Florida football, I had to choose Miami, FSU, or Florida.  For some odd reason I decided to choose Florida and ever since 1999 I bleed blue and orange.

Naturally over the last 6 years I have grown to love our very own Tim Tebow.  Since his first start as a freshman in 2005 I was a fan.  Part of me wishes I would have watched him in high school, but in junior high I was not as much a gator fanatic as now.  As he brought two national championships, a heisman,and countless other awards, my love for Tim Tebow continued to grow.  I am currently a St. Louis and Indianapolis fan in the NFL therefore I hoped that when draft day came around in 2010 that one of my teams would call Tebow's name.  But sadly that did not happen and I had to become a Broncos fan as well.    This was not hard seeing as both the Colts and Rams are in the midst of rebuilding years.

Upon hearing about Tebow's book Through my Eyes, I realized that if I was a true fan I had to read is book and most of all understand a little more about the character of the person that I call a role model.

The book offers just that.  It offers the reader the opportunity to be involved in the life of Tebow, his struggles and sins, as well as his successes and spiritual triumphs.  The book lets you into the private life of Tim Tebow and most of all his thoughts about not only his time at Florida, but also his time presently at Denver.

The book is an easy read, but I sort of like that for the audience he is trying to reach.  It is not deeply rooting in any literary ideals, but it gets the point across in a powerful way.  It shows Tebow's true passions as a player and a person.   I highly recommend this book for someone who is looking for someone to model after.

As the hoopla of TebowMaina is in full swing, I would suggest you read this book before you decide to jump on the Tebow Train although it is very soon headed for a Super Bowl.

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