Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Book Review - You Lost Me by David Kinnaman...

I had the privilege of meeting Dave Kinnaman (author of unChristian) a few years ago when I was representing Cincinnati Christian University's LEAD Program at their annual Accreditation conference in sunny Orlando, FL.  It was a great weekend of sun and speaking to hundreds of students about the impact Jesus is having on their campuses.  But their was just something about Dave that caught my eye.

Since then I have been following his work with the Barna Group and when he came out with his newest book, You Lost Me I ordered it.  It has finally made it's way to the top of my pile of books to read and I got through it this week.

It was a book dedicated to understanding the current generation of young adults, especially young christians, and why so many of them are choosing to leave the church.  This age rage was specifically ages 18 - 29 in the United States.  It brought to light many issues that are present in our churches today including the differences in generations.  Kinnaman explains that this up and coming generation can be compared to the 60's & 70's a generation of young people who do not take information from anyone, instead they learn themselves.  This is a generation of self-starters, helpers, community builders, and lovers.  It is a generation filled with promise for a better future, only if their voice is heard.  Most of all in the our American churches today their voices are ignored.  For whatever reason these voices are no longer being heard, therefore this generation is going to a place where they will be heard and leaving the church.  This is not only dangerous for the young adults that are leaving their faith aside, but it also destroys the future of the church.  For at some point this current generation of leaders will die and it will the younger generations job to take over.  If they have all left the church because of a lack of a voice, then the church is gone.

Throughout his book he reminds the reader that they must listen to the generation of leaders that is following behind, for they are the future of the church.  The church must be relevant to this generation of believers, not the past.  The church must constantly be moving, growing, and innovating in order to meet the needs of their people.

This book is a strong read for any young minister or a group of ministers who are seeking the guidance of a relevant leader.  It will allow to you dive into the minds of your most important generation and grab ahold of them.

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