Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Time for a Change...

The last three months have brought a lot of excitement to Jennifer and I's life.  We have been given the opportunity to live in a great apartment in the heart of Cincinnati, I have started the perfect job for me at Groesbeck United Methodist Church as their Community Youth Pastor, and not to mention we are getting married in just 10 days.  With all of this has come a lot of excitement, sadness, and change, but despite all of this the Lord seems to always speak through those around us to encourage, lift up, and prove to us that he is in control.

This past sunday at Groesbeck we were blessed with the opportunity of hearing our denominational leaders speak to us in regards to what 5 things we do great, what 5 things we do not so great, and what 5 things will change our church for the better.  They called the latter 5 prescriptions to bring this congregation out of a plateau and into a substational incline.  For many people this can seem threatening, a group of outsiders telling us how to run our church, not gonna lie that is how I felt at the beginning.  But I realized that all good businesses and organizations must go through a period of guidance and it is a huge blessing to have talented people help us reach more and more people with the gospel.  I began to realize that my pride was hindering us from truly reaching the 2,200 students that go to Colerain HS for the gospel.  But the Lord has given us a second chance to become a church that is most worried about the thousands of people that have never set foot in our doors, instead of the 300 that call this place home.

These prescriptions are not only a challenge, but they are just that a cure for the decline we have been facing.  Although there could be a thousand reasons for where we are at as a church currently, those no longer matter.  God has given us an amazing chance to take what we have been given, trust in him and run with it wholeheartedly.

For all of those that are reading this from Groesbeck UMC I promise to you all that no matter what happens on March 25th, I have trusted in the Lord with CHAOS//SM and in whatever direction he believes we should take it is the direction that it will be going.  I have began running toward the Lord and I hope to bring as many of you a long as I can and I truly believe that these 5 prescriptions are like getting a brand new pair of running shoes.  The Lord has given us an advantage, a head start, for this race he calls "spreading the gospel" and we need to tie those laces and start running.

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