Sunday, May 26, 2013

Good Friends, Making Great Music...

Over the past couple of months, My wife and I have had the privilege of helping support a couple great friends of our who are making some great music this summer/fall.  Much of this connection came from our time in Cincinnati, OH over the past year and I would love to share with you some projects that you must check out if you love music.

First being a band from Northern KY/Cincinnati area called Seabird.  This band has been around for a little while putting our 2 CDs up till this summer and I first got a glimpse of there music on a blog like this from a fellow Ohioan.  I grabbed there first album and could not put it down.  Their piano-driven sound is something that is lacking these days in music and their passion behind each note is amazing.  Not to mention they could not be nicer guys.  I have had the privilege of getting to know Aaron and he could not be a greater guy to enjoy a cup of coffee with.  Therefore, when we found out they were putting on a kickstarter campaign to fund their third album, we had to be apart of it.  Their protect would eventually become fully funded and they will be releasing their third indie record titled Troubled Days this summer.  If you wanna grab some updates from this awesome band check out their twitter, facebook, & Youtube.  If you would like to grab a copy or if you are in the Cincy area, check out their CD Release Show at Fountain Square with the next band I will be talking about Mike Mains and the Branches on July 16th.  

Next, is the band Mike Mains and the Branches who are from the great state of Michigan (which my wife and I currently call home) and I first ran into them at the music festival Ichthus in Kentucky (after the recommendation from Seabird).  I love their hard sound both mixed with great musical riffs and dynamic lyrics.  I instantly fell in love grabbed their album, an awesome tank top from their booth, and my wife and I were completely hooked.  We have been following the band ever since and after loving their first album Home, we were so pumped to find out they would be putting out their first indie album through the popular site  We were so excited to be a pledger for the campaign and even more excited when their project was fully funded.  No longer would we have to wait for their highly anticipated indie project entitled Calm Down, Everything is Fine.  It will be available very soon and if you would like to get updates follow them on Instagram, Twitter, & Facebook.  They are all great people and their live show is worth whatever drive you need to make.

Lastly, I would like to give props to my man Austin Livingood, who just recently announced his solo release of a 3 EP set entitled Weightless Anchor.  I first ran into Austin when he was the guitarist for a small band called Good Morning Gladys (still have a shirt from their benefit show).  He would then move on to be involved in a few other bands, until ultimately being apart of the group Belle Histoire which has had major success as of recently (just released a great CD entitled Dreamers).  But most recently he has written some solo work and will be releasing a three part EP entitled Weightless Anchor , this first part titled "By Plane" is set to release August 6th.  Austin is truly one of the most genuine, compassionate, and kind-hearted people you will meet in the music business.  I could not be happier to call him a friend and I am so excited to be apart of his future in music by purchasing his material and promoting his stuff.  Could not be more blessed to call him a friend and I am so excited for his future.  If you would like to hear more from him check out

These are just a couple of great bands that are releasing some amazing music this year and I am so excited to be part of it.  I ask that whenever you stumble upon some great bands that are not only putting out great music, but doing it the right way, that you will look for every way possible to support them.  So excited for this year and all it has to offer.  Thank you Seabird, Mike Mains, & Austin for everything you do.  Keep doin' what you do best.

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