Sunday, May 26, 2013

Thursdays 9/8c...

Each generation has a TV Show that encapsulates the said generation, there was I Love Lucy, Happy Days, Cheers, Seinfeld, Friends, & most recently The Office.  A show beginning on the BBC network made it's way to American almost 10 years ago and wasn't an instant hit, but through its' longevity, loyal fans, and comedic humor, it has become one of the most beloved shows of our generation.  

If you haven't already guested, my wife and I are huge fans of the office and were heartbroken when it was revealed last summer that this would indeed be the last season.  I fell in love with the show during the airing of its' second season while I was in High School.  Quickly renting the first two seasons, only to get hooked very soon after that.  I would then jump into live episodes in season 3 only to have met my future wife mid way through season 4.  I knew that if this show had such a huge impact on me, I knew it would have an impact on Jenny.  We spent the spring break of 2010 catching all the way up to the current season and she was hooked.  We then, looked forward to every September when the previous season's DVDs would be released shortly followed by the premiere of the current season.

My wife and I grew alongside the relationships of Jim & Pam, Dwight & Angela, & eventually Michael  & Holly.  By the middle of the series aching for each of the characters as if they were a part of our lives and feeling like as we struggled with heartache we could always throw in those DVDs and see that their are others in this world that share in it.  As the years past, my wife and I created an even greater tradition that on every Christmas Eve, we will watch each Christmas Episode of the Office (currently there are 6) as we celebrate the holiday.

As you can see, this is not just a show that airs on NBC thursdays 9/8c, but it was much more than that.  It was a show that I grew up watching, it was the first show my wife and I shared together, and it was truly one of the first things we shared together.  Even as we spent our 2 year relationship long distance we would still have the office.  As we have purchased each season on DVD, we know that each year on Christmas we will have the office tradition to look forward to.  Our Children will look forward to Christmas Eve, when they will get a glimpse of their parents past.

As the show came to a close on its' ninth and final season, we could not be more sad, but what we do know is that we owe a lot to the office and it is and always will be much more than a show for us.  It is what has and will bring us together.  It changed a generation and what resinates with me is that it changed OUR generation.  Thank you NBC and the entire Office Cast.  Could not be more grateful.

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