Sunday, May 26, 2013

Wet Feet...

If you haven't already, I strongly urge you to purchase the book Circle Maker by Mark Batterson.  It is a great story about a faith journey for National Community Church.  Most of all it teaches us as pastor to reinvent the way that we pray and the way that we interact with our Lord.  But what I have found most recently is the way that I pray is being forever changed.  The way I think about my relationship with God is coming alive through the way that I communicate with him.

I just recently started the Draw the Circle 40 Day Prayer Challenge that is laid out in the book and the companion.  Reading today I found a text that was so empowering.  That is the story of the Israelities crossing the Jordan River.

It is explained that the Israelities were making along journey to the promise land and they were on the cusp of finally making it there and the only thing that stood in their way was the mighty Jordan River during flood season.  This was the most intimidating thing that they faced since the parting of the Red Sea.  Yet another daunting task that they had to face in order to achieve what God called them to.  But what is interesting about this story is that God called the Israelities to take the first step.  He promised them that when they go their feet wet, the River would be stopped and they would walk across on dry ground.  Therefore they had a decision to make, would they wait for God to make something happen before or would they be willing to get their feet wet and make the first move.

This is the issue that rescinates so much with my life because so much of the time what God is calling me to is so close, but I spend my life waiting for God to make the first move, when in fact God is waiting on me to get my feet wet.  I don't know how close I have been to the dreams God has ordained me for and I am waiting for him to move.  But this text suggests something so different.  That is the idea that sometimes, God is waiting for us to step out in faith and say "I know it doesn't look like it now, but if I get my feet wet and step into the raging Jordan, then you will complete your side of the bargain and allow us to walk on dry ground."  How many times are we waiting for God's will to be revealed in our lives when in fact God is waiting for us to step out in faith, so that he could then reveal his will in us?

What things are holding you back from truly stepping into the river and saying God I am ready and willing for you to part it.  So much of the time we spend our time so close to our dreams when in fact they are there for the taking if we are willing to make the first move.

God is saying it is time for us to move, are you willing to take the first step and truly get your feet WET.

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