Monday, January 2, 2012

The Best of 2011...

January seems to be the season of new beginnings there always seems to be a moment of reminiscing.  For me, 2011 was a long year of a change, heartbreak, and growth; not to mention fun, excitement and great adventures.  So I have compiled a couple of lists of some of my favorite happenings of 2011.  Here they are: 

Top Albums
1.  Simple Math - Manchester Orchestra 
2.  21 - Adele 
3.  Jack's Mannequin - People & Things 

Top Songs
1.  Virgin - (Simple Math) Manchester Orchestra  
2.  Pumped Up Kicks - (Torches) Foster the People    
3.  You are a Tourist - (Codes & Keys) Death Cab for Cutie 

Top Movies 
1.  Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows Part 2 
2.  Water for Elephants  
3.  Midnights in Paris 

Top TV Shows 
1.  How I Met Your Mother - CBS
2.  Scrubs - FOX/ABC
3.  The OC - FOX

Top Reads 
1.  Simply Christian - N.T. Wright 
2.  A Grief Observed - C.S. Lewis 
3.  Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows Part 2 - J.K. Rowling 

Top Events 
1.  Our Tattoos - by TJ Harmon (8 total) 
2.  Moving to Cincy/New Apartment
3.  Remembering Family 

Top Purchases 
1.  iPhone  
2.  Our Antique Stuff 
3.  Urban Outfitters Shopping Spree 

Top Internship Moments 
1.  McTuesdays 
2.  Dallas 2011 
3.  The Brew 

Top Check ins 
1.  Qdoba (US 135 in Greenwood) 
2.  Strange Brew (Smith Valley Rd in Greenwood)   
3.  Brass Ring Lounge (Shelby St. in Fountain Square, IN)

Top Sports
1.  Cardinal's Playoff Run 
2.  Colts Sad year (2 - 14 in 2011) 
3.  Butler's March Madness (Part 2)   

Top Experiences 
1.  Interviews
2.  My week at UO
3.  Handcraft Fests 

Top Hashtags
1.  #Awkward
2.  #love
3.  #11in11 

Top Apps 
1.  Twitter 
2.  Instagram 
3.  ESPN ScoreCenter 

Those were a couple of lists to help guide you through the next year.  Each of these things were great and special in their own way and I was so lucky to have had the opportunity to share most of these with my fianc√© Jennifer Schroeder.  

We have a big year planned here in 2012 with a new job, new city, our Wedding, and Graduations, just to name a few.  Be following along here at for updates, insights, and thoughts about this beautiful we call home (until the good Lord returns to save us all).  

till another day, 


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