Monday, January 2, 2012

Natural Ohioans...

As of December 30th Jennifer and were no longer Hoosier (I was an honorary Hoosier, Normalian, Floridian, and Missourian), but we are now Ohioans.  We moved into our new apartment on 8th & Main in Downtown Cincinnati.  Naturally, after 3 days, we have become experts at our surrounding areas and all the happenings in Cincinnati.  Therefore, here are a couple of our favorite place we have been so far and places that we hope to venture to in the very near future.

Within Walking Distance
Cincy by the Slice
Fountain Square
Arnold's Restaurant
Algin Furniture
Ohio Bookstore
Coffee Emporium
Artist Materials
Findlay Market

Little Bit of a Drive
Habitat for Humanity Restore
Bloc Thrift Store
Corner Bloc Coffee
Esquire Theatre

Okay so we still have some work to do to be considered official Ohioans, but you have to admit we are getting there.  As for our plans, I have moved into our new apartment full time, start my job at GUMC tomorrow morning, and upon our wedding on Saturday March 10th Jennifer will be joining me here in Cincy.  As she finishes school she will be part time in Indy from Monday - Wednesday, then the rest of the weeks in Cincy until our Graduation weekend May 12th - 13th.

We will continue to do some searching and I am sure I will continue to update with reviews and place to go as we continue the transition from the great state of Indiana to the great state of Ohio.

till another day,


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