Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Home, Sweet, Home...

As I have gone on a blogging spree to catch up from a long eventful break, you all must know that Jennifer and I have moved from Indiana to Ohio recently (I live here now Jennifer will be joining me after we get married in March and she currently is living in Indy still).  On December 30th, we officially moved into a new home on the corner of 8th & Main in Downtown Cincinnati.  It is a dream home for us, a 2 bedroom apartment (1 for us 1 for Jennifer's studio), that is on top of a business in the heart of downtown.  With that being said I would like to give you a little outline of the place and some of our favorite parts.

As you approach the front door, you see that it is purple, which is just awesome.
Our Front Door
You then walk up the 4 flights of stairs to get to the top floor and open the door to  our entryway which includes three great windows that overlook the canopy of Arnold's Restaurant (oldest in Cincinnati) as well as a full scale reading room complete with a tiger rug, wingback chairs, and loads of books.  Not to mention this the room that the bathroom is located, which is important to know.

Reading Room
Continuing through the apartment you head into the dining/living room that has some great future and wood flooring from the early 1900s.  We will be adding internet and a much bigger TV in the near future.
Living Room/Dining Room

You then turn right into the kitchen complete with new floors, countertops, loads of storage, and new appliances.  The old cabinets and pantry are both things that Jennifer and I loved.

Continuing to the end of the tour is the bedroom on the left and Jennifer's studio on the right.  Her studio is a work in progress as she has not fully moved in just yet, but I am sure that all things Turquoise Feathers will be taking over that place.  The bedroom features a queen bed which we just purchased thanks to Grandma Jeanie.  We have collected some great furniture pieces from both of Jennifer's grandmothers, but we are still looking for a rug and another dresser to accommodate Jennifer.
Our Bedroom
Jennifer's Studio
Well that is a small tour of our apartment as it is today.  There will be continued updates as time goes by and if you would like to come visit let Jennifer and I know and we would love to have you.

till another day,


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