Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Posing as a Photographer...

A couple of months ago I posted a few of my pictures that I have been taking using the iPhone app Instagram.  Many of you follow me on there already, but if not you can check me out with the username: normallyindie or check out this post for a couple of my favorites.

Happy Browsing.

Jennifer was leading worship at the MovementSM Leadership Trip

Just some good old fashion people watching at IUPUI

1 of 46 murals in Downtown Indy right now.  One of my favorites.

Yadi after winning the World Series.  Just signified the great relief that was the World Series win.

Homemade Clock out of a book from Jennifer.  The Best Christmas Present I got.

Shepard Fairey Piece on our Apartment Building.  Downtown Cincy.

My first cup of coffee back at Corner Bloc Coffee Shop in Price Hill
These were just a couple of my favorite pictures over the last couple of months.  Like I said keep checking up for updates on this blog as well as follow me on Instagram @normallyindie as I attempt to take cool, hip pictures.

till another day,


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