Wednesday, October 23, 2013

2006 all over again...

It is October, the weather is cooling down and sweatershirts, bonfires and most of all Postseason baseball.  As a Cardinal fan I have become accustomed to playing baseball in October and this year is no different.  My beloved Cardinals are making another deep run into the postseason, except this year playing my American League team that I love so much, the Boston Red Sox.  What better series than to watch the World Series at Fenway Park and Busch Stadium, two of the best places in the world.  Although it is great to watch our beloved Cardinals from the comfort of our wonderful living room, this year we have the blessing to watch the game at the Busch Stadium.  That's right my wife and I get to go to Game Four of the world series and watch our Cardinals destroy the Boston Red Sox.  This brings me back to the first time I had the opportunity to go to the World Series and watch my Cardinals destroy the Detroit Tigers and win their 10th World Series title.  

Favorite Picture of the best catcher in baseball.  What a relief after a long October run. 
Our reaction after winning the 2006 World Series. Me, Matt, Dad, & Zachy
2006 World Series Champions 
"The Experts are Idiots" 
The Hometown Kid w/ the Walkoff Win, 2011 WS Game 6
Wainwright seals the deal.  2006 WS Game 5, Champions  
New Manager, New Era under Mike Matheny, 2013 Postseason
2013 Postseason Run, World Series Bound 
These are just a couple pictures of my experiences with my Cardinals and this year I am even more excited to share it with my beautiful wife.  Over the past couple of years we have spent a lot of time sharing sports with one another; Pacers, Colts, Cardinals, Reds, Tigers, & Golf.  All types of sports and this time we have the chance to be a part of something that is once in a lifetime.  But all of this being said, sports are only great if they are shared with family.  I love you Jenny. 

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