Friday, October 25, 2013

Our Little Family...

Last year my wife and I were lucky enough to make our family a little bit bigger.  As we were packing up to move to Michigan from Cincinnati we found an add on craigslist fro a wonderful mini-dachshund puppy.  After traveling just north of Downtown we found our beautiful puppy, Indie.

Our beautiful puppy was just under 3 lbs and we fell in love.  We were so happy to have him in our lives.  Although the first week of raising him in an apartment in downtown Cincinnati was pretty rough, we got through it on 10 hours sleep and a lot of patience.  We then traveled to Michigan and we could not be happier.  

Sleepy Boy

He loves playing w/ clean sheets 

Working @ TF Studio, LLC

Indie's 1st Christmas, 2012

1st Road Trip to Michigan

After 1.5 years of life we could not be happier to have a wonderful puppy.  He is such an amazing, mini part of our family and we could not be happier.  I am so happy to continue to watch our family grow (maybe more puppies or kids in the future) and I hope that he continues to enjoy our life here in Indy.  He sure does love his Colts, Cardinals, Pacers, & Gators.  

till another day, 


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