Monday, October 21, 2013

24 & Counting...

My birthday on October 9th was a great one.  I turned 24 and began to realize that I am almost a quarter of a century old, WOW.  I am beginning to understand that I will be in my mid-twenties soon and those people that seem too old to relate to us are now going to be us.

Anyway, my birthday was not all depressing as I grow old :), but my wife & family gave me some amazing gifts.  They are as follows:

All 5 seasons of Breaking Bad

Hario Buono Kettle (Debbie & Bill)

New DVDs/Blurays (Zachy & Emma)

Andrew Luck Jersey (Mom & Dad)

Florida Gators Jersey (Mom & Dad)

Studio Beats by Dre (Jenny) 

Coasters (Kyle & Laura)

Gift Cards (Mom, Duane/Susan, & Kyle/Laura)

New Backpack (Grandma Jeanie) 

DVDs & Coffee Tools (Duane & Susan)
What a great Birthday and what a great month.  I am so excited to share these gifts with my wife and family.  I am so blessed to have these things and friends and family who care about me.

till another day,


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