Monday, October 21, 2013

The New Digs...

We are so excited because, as I said in the previous post we had the opportunity to move into an amazing new townhouse.  It is Carmel Landing Apartments off of 151st St. in Camel/Westfield, IN.  It is a 3 bedroom & 2.5 bath, by level with a patio, private back and front entrance.  A great place that Jenny and I can start a true home with a family (Alec, Jenny, & Indie of course).  We have spent the past couple of weeks decorating our place to truly make it ours, with all of it coming from the talented, artistic mind of Jenny.

Guest Bedroom 

Master Bedroom
Living Room 

Dining Room/Kitchen

Back Patio 

Office/Turquoise Feathers Studio

We have such an amazing place and I have such an amazing wife.  She is the most talented and perfect woman in the world.  Feel free to come to our place at any time, enjoy some coffee, and the great sounds of our new record player.

till another day,


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