Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Duck Commander Family - Book Review...

Finally back to reading and writing some book reviews on a blog that has been silent for a little while.  I am sure most of you have fallen into the craze that is Duck Dynasty.  What is not to love, a great family of American people with great beards and even better hearts.  Still unsure how women like that would fall for bearded country folk like the Robertson men.  For all of you Parks and Rec fans, it brings to light the same confusion that takes place when you think of Jerry & Gale Gergich.  Anyway, this post is specifically about the Duck Commander Family book that was released a couple of years ago, authored by Wille & Korie Robertson.

It is an interesting read that brings you into the lives of the entire Robertson family before they were apart of the reality show Duck Dynasty.  Thus giving the reader some insight into what makes their family and business work the way it does.  One of the most unique parts of the book is each chapter is named after a famous Robertson family recipe, which at the end of each chapter is shared with the reader.  But what I appreciated most from this book was the brutal honesty that can be found within the pages.  They were very truthful in the words that they shared about where their family came from whether it been good or bad.  All the words were shared as honestly as possible and in a world filled with "reality" tv, this is something to be appreciated.

The book brings to light some of the marital/family issues that took place among Phil & Kay, the tough starts for Willie & Korie, as well as a birth of the Duck Commander franchise.  Overall it reminds the reader of how family always comes first.  You may love what you do, but if you are not able to come home at 5pm with a family who loves you know matter what your first quarter numbers were, then it is not worth it.  This book brings back the importance of family before business, something that the working american must be reminded of on a daily basis.

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