Thursday, October 24, 2013

Boy Meets World...

For my birthday I had the idea to go back to my childhood and purchase a great set of DVDs from the 90s.  The TV show being one that I spent much of my time enjoying after school with a snack (the good old days), Boy Meets World.  If you grew up in the mid to late 90s you knew what Boy Meets World was and it had the same premise of most of those after school family drama/comedies.  Great family, goofy brother, & funny teacher that seem to always get in trouble, but most of all have a story to tell in a quick 30 minutes.  Watching all of the seasons in a row makes me realize the cheesy nature of the show, but it also reminds me of the life lessons that I learned while I was young.  Even more it reminds me of the lessons that I need to learn now.

I recently had a conversation with a great friend and that friend reminded me of the amazing life that I truly have.  I have been blessed for the past 5 years to have known an amazing woman, introduced to her in October 2008.  We were two different people back then, young and stupid, but little did I know that she would be the person I would have the honor of spending the rest of my life with her.  A young 19 year old kid who was blessed with an 18 year old girl who was loving enough to give me a chance.  5 years later our love continues to grow daily, our family continues to grow, but most of all we continue to understand and value the fact that our love is what is most important.

A great friend of mine reminds me that even if everything in your life seems to be in shambles, you must understand that love is the thing that reigns true through all things.  It reigns true because it was love that God ordained from the beginning.  The love that he made an example of when he sacrificed his son for the entire world.  This is the example that we have the opportunity to follow and I am so blessed to have a wife to share this type of love with.  Life may be stressful, life may be hard, but love is all i need.

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